Mobility Equipment Recyclers started in 2013 as a social and sustainability venture aimed to benefit both people and the environment. We save mobility & medical equipment from landfills, refurbish them, and provide them at a considerable discount to individuals that need them. 

We realize that a lot of people that need handicap equipment don't get proper insurance coverage, their copay's are too high, or perhaps their insurance company is taking too long to provide the equipment. We solve those problems.

 The practice of sustainability does not stop at mobility & medical equipment. The showroom and office space at Mobility Equipment Recyclers is replete with re-purposed and recycled materials, from desks in the offices spaces to tables in the break area. We pride ourselves in our sustainability and social venture, to do everything we can to protect the world we have been provided with.


Money Saved by Customers

43,753 lbs

Recycled Material


Customers Served

we help you save money.

Here are Mobility Equipment Recyclers, we developed a unique sales process that allows us to offer various used and new mobility equipment for 50-90% LESS than our competitors. You don't need to worry about expensive insurance or co-pays while we're around.

we help the environment.

At Mobility Equipment Recyclers, we strive to rescue unused and unwanted mobility & medical equipment from ending up in landfills. We make it a habit to go above-and-beyond to reduce, reuse, and recycle all types of mobility & medical equipment so that we can take care of our earth as well as the humans that inhabit it.

we help solve problems.

We are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you're browsing for a loved one or for yourself, you need specialized parts, or you need something installed in your home - we can handle it. Our expert technicians go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

Our Positioning Statement


The only refurbished mobility equipment provider 


That can engineer fully customized solutions for each customer  


For those looking to get moving on a budget 


Mostly in New England, and all over the world online 


Who are tired of over-priced quality equipment that doesn’t fit. 


In an era where options are vast, but quality is rare






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