8 Most Common Power Wheelchair or Electric Scooter Repairs

In this blog we discuss 8 of the most common repairs that we noticed throughout the years. Check out this blog if you are experiencing a problem with your power wheelchair or electric scooter. If this blog does not help feel free to contact us by dialing (401)-294-4111.

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Invacare Lynx L-3X 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter (Blue)

The Invacare Lynx L-3X is a compact, yet powerful, scooter with all the comfort of a large scooter without the unnecessary bulk. Invacare added features such as a sliding seat which allows seat-to-tiller depth adjustment and provided a wider and longer base offering additional foot-space. Additionally, with a top speed of 5mph and an aesthetically [...]

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Invacare Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair (Blue)

The Invacare Pronto M41 is a sleek and versatile power wheelchair. It features the latest technology in electronics and in-line motors for smooth turning, starting, stopping and acceleration. Specifications: Maximum Weight: 300 lbs Maximum Speed: 5mph Range: 17 Miles Seat Depth: 20″ Seat Width: 19.5″ Drive Wheel: 10″ Castor Wheel: 6″ Back Seat Height: 18″ [...]

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Invacare Storm TDX 3 Electric Power Wheelchair (Yellow)

A yellow Invacare Storm TDX 3 Electric Power Wheelchair. Used, but in great condition. Specifications: Maximum Speed: 5 mph Maximum Weight: 275 lbs Battery Type:(2) Group 24 Seat Depth: 23″ Seat Width: 18″ Drive Wheel: 13″ Castor Wheel: 6 Seat Back Height: 18.5″ Seat Back Width: 18″ Ground Clearance: 3″ Seat to Floor: 18.5″ Arm [...]

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