Sales Overview

Sales is a big focus for our company. Mobility Equipment Recyclers is New England’s largest provider of pre-owned durable medical equipment (DME). So in addition to repairs and rentals, we also resell affordable products and replacement parts at a fraction of the cost of new. But used equipment is not our only focus. We are authorized providers for all of the top DME manufacturers, so our customers can also order new equipment from us as well.

Equipment Processing

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of resale, it’s important that we discuss our equipment processing methods. We acquire previously-owned durable medical equipment through various means, whether it be us purchasing from the end user or their family, trade-ins (more on that below) or donations. Very rarely is the equipment that we acquire what we would call “showroom-ready.” A great deal of time is spent processing that equipment, including installing new or quality pre-owned parts, installing batteries, cleaning and sanitizing, and lastly quality assurance.

Once that process is complete, our refurbished products are brought onto the showroom floor for purchase or rental. If we deem a pre-owned piece of equipment to be better served as “parts only”, then the device is broken down until every serviceable part is utilized, and then they are stored on the shelves for future equipment processing, affordable repairs or parts orders.

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Pre-Owned Equipment

After the equipment is finished processing, we have them available for sale either as parts or whole units. Equipment can be purchased either over the phone or during store hours at our North Kingstown location. We sell a wide array of products, including but not limited to electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, high-end wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, patient lifts (hoyer lifts), stand assist lifts, tilt-in-space wheelchairs, batteries, vehicle lifts, bath safety equipment, bed safety equipment, hospital beds, lift chairs, ramps, crutches, canes and more.

If there is a certain piece of equipment that you are looking for, something that maybe we would not normally carry, please contact us anyways. We have a large inventory of one-off products and also a large network of nationwide dealers to source equipment from.

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We carry a very large selection of pre-owned equipment readily available for purchase.

Big Savings

Our company holds strong core values regarding sustainability. We strive to put our biggest efforts towards sustainable practices in hopes that we can inspire others to do the same. Unwanted mobility and medical equipment end up being dumped into landfills at an incredible pace. We are here to put an end to this. We strive to be leaders in recycling neglected medical and mobility equipment so that we can find this equipment a new home with someone who is in need.

By recycling this equipment, we are able to turn around and provide it to those in need at a discounted rate up to 90% off. Most customers will experience at least a 50% savings from our secondhand products compared to the cost of new. For instance, if you are browsing the internet for a particular type of scooter that retails normally for $2000, chances are we have that same product or a similar one that is used for just $1000. We try to price our pre-owned products at least 50% off the cost of manufacturer pricing. Admittedly, for some products it’s easier to do that for than others. If there is ever a question or concern about pricing please let us know. We are very transparent.

New Products

We are authorized providers for all of the top DME manufacturers, including but not limited to: Permobil, Pride Mobility, Jazzy, Quantum Rehab, Invacare, Harmar, Merits, E-Wheels, Golden Technologies, TiLite, Drive Medical, EV Rider, Ki Mobility and Medline. Often times, for instance, a customer would prefer to purchase a new scooter as opposed to a used scooter. In addition to our pre-owned selection, we also carry a wide array of new products as well that is competitive with online pricing. So before you purchase a new scooter or other medical device from one of the big box retailers, give us a call to see what we can do for you. There’s a huge benefit to the consumer for purchasing from a local retailer and a small business!

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Left to Right: Pride Pursuit, Pride Go-Go LX w/ CTS Suspension, Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller, Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter

Shipping Products & Out-of-State Clients

Do you live locally but maybe have a loved one across the country that is in need of medical equipment? Or conversely, do you live far away and have a loved one in New England that needs medical equipment? Working with out-of-state clients is commonplace for our company. All of our products that are available for purchase can also be shipped not only in the United States but worldwide.

For small parts and accessories, we offer standard ground shipping and also overnight delivery options for emergency situations. For large products, such as electric wheelchairs, scooters, patient lifts, etc, we offer multiple freight shipping options. Our friendly staff will assist you in the process from start-to-finish with order details, tracking information and technical assistance.

Payment Plans

We realize that medical expenses can really put a strain on family finances. If you are having a tough time affording equipment that we have for sale, please contact us so we can get you the equipment you need at the right price. We work with individuals and families all the time on affordable monthly payment plans towards purchases. We also work with a number of non-profits that may be able to offer assistance.


If one of our customers has a lightly used piece (or pieces) of equipment that we deem worth it to acquire, and there’s something that we’re selling that they want, then a trade-in scenario is a viable option for both parties. If you have a piece of equipment that you would like to trade in to lower the cost of something that we’re selling, or if the repair cost to fix your current device is too high, please contact us about trade-in options!

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If you are interested in purchasing an item from us, but maybe would like to “try it out” beforehand to see if it is indeed a suitable option, you can rent-to-buy if you fall into that category (keep in mind that some products are not rent-able and therefore are not eligible for rent-to-buy).

What we would do is sit down and discuss a final purchase price for the item and a desired rental length, and when the rental period concludes the customer can either return the item or purchase it at that point. If they decide to purchase, 75% of the rental rate would apply towards the final purchase price. Contact us for more details!


These guys are awesome! We were collecting funds for a specific wheelchair for a special boy in Venezuela and they helped us all the way – measurements, info, a price we could afford, shipping, etc.
The team helped me fulfill Christopher’s dream. Thank you!

Andrew, Cody, John, and Ray were wonderful to deal with. They readily answered questions and helped to provide us with quality equipment that was a necessity.

I was very impressed by the product line and customer service offered by Mobility Equipment Recyclers. Andrew and John are very knowledgeable about their products. This company provides a valuable service. Their prices are very reasonable. Their attention to detail and follow up are awesome. I highly recommend them.

I needed a high-end rehab power wheelchair at a reasonable price, after I couldn’t get Medicare to agree that I really do need that and I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere near me. They were able to deal with my very picky and detailed requirements via long-distance. It arrived quickly — shipped 2300 miles to me — and it’s perfect!

Great public service you all are doing, never would have been able to pony up 3x what I paid with you all for new, without knocking my fairly small amount of assets down considerably. Thanks very much! 🙂

Owner John Perrotti seen pictured here with a happy customer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, personal check and cash. Currently we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. Your private insurance may reimburse you for purchases made with us, but that is up for them to decide.

Q: Do you buy back equipment that you’ve previously sold?
A: Not always, but in certain situations yes. We rarely purchase equipment that is more than 5 years old. We do not typically buy used manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, crutches, canes, or stairlifts. We do not buy equipment that is overstocked or that is no longer in demand. For specific questions regarding an item you wish to sell please contact us.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We have a 14 day return policy on defective items. Items that are non-defective, but maybe are no longer needed or were purchased by mistake, can still be returned within 14 days, however they are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Bath and shower equipment are non-returnable.

Q: Do you warranty your items?
A: Limited warranties apply for all new product purchases and most used product purchases. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear or damage that came as a result of user error or neglect. Ask your salesperson for more information on warranties.


Mobility Equipment Recyclers of New England is dedicated to serving our elderly and disabled population by providing them with affordable durable medical equipment. We sell both new and used products. We have a large showroom of items for sale, so stop by anytime during store hours for a peek around and even go for a test drive in one of our mobility scooters! We do not just work with local clients. We serve individuals worldwide by shipping products directly to their door. We look forward to working with you on your next purchase!

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