Repair and Service

Repair service is one of the many services we provide. Mobility Equipment Recyclers of New England is your one-stop fix it shop for all your mobility needs. We often get asked the question, “How much maintenance does this chair really need?” Probably much more than the average person would give it credit for.

Mobility devices, such as power wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, patient lifts, manual wheelchairs and even walkers require regular service in order to not only achieve optimal performance, but to maintain baseline safety standards.

For a bulk of our clients, their manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter is often their only mode of transportation, so if it is not working properly or broken down completely, then these setbacks can really impact their quality of life.

For prompt service you can bring in your device anytime during store hours. Appointments are not needed but in order to better serve you they are recommended. We realize that the majority of our clients are unable to bring in their device for repairs, which is why we offer in-home, onsite service. Please contact us today for a repair quote.

Wheelchair Repair, Scooter Repair, Maintenance, Service, Diagnostics
Our trained staff changing the tires and performing other service work on a Jazzy Select Elite electric wheelchair.

Big Savings

We offer a wide array of service and maintenance work on mobility devices.

At the core of our business we are a recycling and sustainability operation. We take products that are previously owned, remove viable parts and accessories that can be reused and repurposed, and recycle what is no longer needed, such as scrap metal, plastic, etc.

Due to the recycling of these power wheelchairs, electric scooters, patient lifts, hospital beds, and more, we have accumulated a huge inventory of spare parts to utilize when we repair equipment for our customers. And the best part is that we can save the average customer 50-90% off any repair job because these parts are used.

If it is the customer’s preference, or if for some reason we do not have any used parts in our inventory for the repair, we can always order them new from the manufacturer. If a device is too old or too far gone, or would be cheaper to replace than to repair, our staff will likely recommend a trade in.

Emergency Service

Our clients’ independence and mobility is of utmost importance to us. Waiting weeks on end for a repair job through insurance to get your device up-and-running again is misery personified. You’ll never have to wait that long when you come to Mobility Equipment Recyclers.

Simply fill out this contact form, or explain the issue to us over the phone at 401-294-4111, and we’ll diagnose your problem and have it fixed for you in no time. Same-day and next-day emergency service is available upon request. When the need arises, just contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Common Repairs

Since our inception we’ve come across all sorts of repair jobs. We’ve seen and done it all. There’s nothing we can’t take on. We can do any job, however big or small. Some of the most common repairs are battery and battery charger replacements, but there’s a plethora of others that we encounter on a weekly basis.

  1. Joystick Replacement: When trying to maneuver an electric wheelchair in a tight area, you can accidentally slam the joystick controller into the side of a wall. This hard impact can break the joystick into pieces, rendering the entire power chair useless. Moisture and other water damage can have a detrimental effect on the joystick also. If this happens, call 401-294-4111 with your Make, Model and Serial Number information, and we can send a technician right to your home to replace the broken part.
Joystick, Wheelchair Joystick, Power Chair Joystick, Joystick Repair, Joystick replacement
The joystick controller on an electric wheelchair is a common part in need of replacement.

2. Brake Tightening: Rollator walkers and manual wheelchairs both have hand brakes installed on them so that the user can safely transfer from different positions. Over time, the hand brakes on both devices will start to give out and no longer touch the wheels. This can present a very unsafe situation, one with a high risk of fall and injury. Don’t let it get that far!

We will diagnose the problem and determine whether the brakes just need to be tightened, or simply replaced. This measure will ensure safe transfers and give the user, the caregiver and the family some piece of mind.

Brake, Hand Brake, Wheelchair Brake, Wheelchair Part, Replacement Part, Wheelchair, Brake Tightening
Loose brakes on a manual wheelchair can put the user in a very unsafe situation.

3. Tire Replacement: Much like a car tire, tires on manual and motorized wheelchairs eventually will need replacing. Tires will lose tread over time and it’s very important to change them regularly — how regularly is obviously dependent on usage. If tires are bald they no longer will be able to grip the ground and terrain like they should.

Picture yourself on a wheelchair trying to navigate up a handicap ramp with a slight incline. Maybe it was cold the night before, and now there’s some black ice on the ground. What will happen is those tires will not have the right amount of tread to grip the ice and trudge forward, so you will be stuck there — literally and figuratively — spinning your wheels!

Dry rot is another common problem. Dry rot can eventually crack the tire into pieces and all you’ll be left with is a rim. Changing your tires is of utmost importance and just one of the many repair jobs we commonly see.

Dry Rot, Tire Replacement, Wheelchair, Wheelchair Tire, Wheelchair Repair
If your wheelchair tire shows signs of cracking, that means dry rot is prevalent and it’s time for replacement.

4. Motor Replacement: Another need that can arise with your powered mobility device is a motor replacement. The majority of scooters and electric wheelchairs are driven by 24 volt motors. These motors are connected to a gearbox or a transaxle assembly that is the drivetrain of your vehicle.

Over time, the gears, brushes, bearings and brake discs will wear out. How can you tell? If you start to hear “funny” noises coming from underneath your chair, like a grinding or whistling noise, chances are a motor or motors replacement is in your near future.

If your electric wheelchair is starting to pull to one side, that means one motor is starting to go bad, and the other motor is working twice as hard to compensate, hence the noticeable change of direction when driving. New electric wheelchair motors can be priced well over a thousand dollars for the pair, but you will be able to get refurbished motors from us for just a fraction of that cost.

Motor, Wheelchair Motor, Motorized Wheelchair, Gearbox, Power Chair Motor, Electric Wheelchair Motor, Motor Replacement
Why spend a thousand dollars or more on a new wheelchair motor when it can be replaced for hundreds less?

5. Cosmetic Damage: Besides tires, arm pads, leg rests, calf pads, seat cushions, seat backs, head rests, cover shrouds and other small parts and accessories are the most susceptible to cosmetic wear and tear, specifically dings, dents, scratches, rips, tears, etc.

A ripped arm pad not only looks unappealing, but it can also cause cuts and bruising to the skin — not good! Head rests will eventually lose some of their comfort as the padding starts to wear down, same can be said for the cushions and back rests.

Wheelchair Part, Wheelchair Arm Pad, Arm Pad for Wheelchair, Wheelchair Arm Rest, Armrest, Replacement
Wheelchair arm rest pads are easy to replace and provide added comfort and function to all wheelchairs.

Brands We Work With

Our highly trained technicians are capable of repairing power chairs, electric scooters, commodes, patient lifts, hospital beds, and more. If you are in need of a repair visit our store at 6802 Post Road, North Kingstown, RI or feel free to give us a call at 401-294-4111.

Here is a list of the brands that we work with, including but not limited to:


Pride Mobility


Quantum Rehab








Golden Technologies


Drive Medical


EV Rider


Ki Mobility

Comfort Company


Replacement Parts

Sometimes it can be difficult to find replacements for specific parts on your mobility and medical equipment. Below is a list of parts that commonly need to be replaced and can be found in our store:

  • Actuator
  • Arm Rest
  • Base Frame Replacement Parts
  • Batteries
  • Battery Box
  • Battery Charger
  • Cable
  • Control Module
  • Display
  • Electronics
  • Full Seat Assembly
  • Head Rest
  • Joystick
  • Leg Rests & Foot Platform
  • Motor
  • Mounts
  • Seat Cushion
  • Seat Post
  • Shroud
  • Switches
  • Utility Tray
  • Wheels and Rims
  • Wiring Harness


We’re not afraid to take on even the toughest of repair jobs for your mobility device. If the situation calls for it, we will sometimes recommend a trade in based on the age and condition of your device. We fix mobility scooters, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, patient lifts, lift chair recliners and much more.

We can fix all the top brands, including but not limited to: Permobil Pride Mobility, Go-Go, Jazzy, Quantum Rehab, Invacare, Quickie, Hoveround, Rascal, Merits, Shoprider, Golden Technologies, TiLite, EV Rider, E-Wheels, Comfort Company, ROHO Medline, Drive Medical, Ki Mobility and Harmar.

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