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You know that a power chair is more than just a seat. But what happens when it’s time to retire your power chair or medical equipment? Too often, mobility and medical equipment ends up in landfills, tossed aside and wasted.
At Mobility Equipment of New England, we know there’s a better way. Every power chair that is donated to us gets a new lease on life: we are experts at salvaging these chairs and providing them to those in need. All components of a power chair are reused and diverted from landfills.
Our commitment to a better planet goes even further. At Power Chair Recyclers, we:
  • Ship our products with repurposed materials, donated by Jamestown Press
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Incorporate recovered furniture into our work space
  • Continually look for new ways to go green by integrating sustainable practices into our business.
Sustainability is just another part of our service to the community and a natural part of our mission to improve life one chair at a time.